Lotus Presentation Box

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Lemon Lavendar

A many layered blend of chamomile flowers, sun-blessed lavender, and linden leaves with mellowing hints of lemon balm for a relaxing and meditative cup.

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Vanilla Pear

Rare white organic tea with the evocative essence of vanilla orchid infused with the taste of fresh baked pear for a cup blended to relax and soothe.
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Orange Jasmine

Soft and airy, fragrant with exotic jasmine that lightly scents the steam. Playfully accented with bright, sunny notes of fresh sliced orange.

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Mountain Oolong

Considered to be the most satisfying tea drinking experience, this fine Oolong tea is punctuated with fragrant heady notes of peach and marigold petals to create a serene, superb steep.

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Darjeeling Quince

From the Himalayan foothills, this sought-after Darjeeling tea is artisan blended with quince: a tart, sweet, pear-like fruit. An entrancing, delicious cup with high floral aromatics and a delicate briskness.

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