Brew Darjeeling Tea Like an Expert


Brew Darjeeling Tea Like an Expert

Tea aficionados know that Darjeeling tea is something special. Grown in only one region in the world, the Darjeeling district in India, this is tea is more complex than other black teas. It undergoes a special process that results in partial oxidation. The result is a flavor that is sophisticated, nuanced and never tannic..

Only the Best for This Tea

Steeping this elixir takes more care than other teas. The compounds responsible for its subtle aroma and taste can easily be damaged by any impurities. Never use detergent to clean a pot or cup destined to hold Darjeeling tea. Instead, wipe the inside of the vessel with a clean, damp cloth to remove any residue.

The next thing to consider is the water. One should always begin with cold water. Good-quality tap water is fine, but do take the time to run the tap a moment to clear the pipes. If you prefer bottled water, use a good spring water or filtered water. Never make tea with distilled water or hot water directly from the tap. It dulls the quality of the steep.

The temperature of the water is equally important. To extract the most balanced flavor, use water just below the boiling point. Simply bring the kettle just to a boil, turn off the heat and let it sit for a moment while you warm your cup or pot.

To Infuse, or Not to Infuse?

Some claim that tea infusers should never be used with this remarkable tea. They say that traditional infusers crowd the leaves. In their view, the only way to make Darjeeling tea is to steep loose tea leaves in a pot.

Others prefer the convenience of steeping Darjeeling in a cup. For them, an infuser is the best way to coax the maximum tea pleasure with the minimum fuss. To their view, it is a simple matter to use a larger infuser that provides enough space for the leaves to work their magic. Tea Forté’s silken pyramid infuser offers space for the leaves to unfurl and release their nuanced flavors and aroma. The trick is to use an infuser that allows proper water flow without crowding the leaves. With the right design, a single cup can possess all the complex flavor of that made in a pot with leaves alone.

Brew Darjeeling Tea Like an Expert


Time to Brew

Whether you are a loose leaf proponent or an infuser user, the basics are the same.

Bring water just to a boil. Rinse the cup or pot to warm it, then pour out the water.

Use two teaspoons of leaves for each eight ounce cup, or use one Tea Forté silken infuser.

Pour hot water over the tea and steep for three to five minutes.
Take a moment to savor your tea This will allow you the best way to enjoy your tea.

At Tea Forté, we think you will find the Darjeeling tea experience the most sublime part of your day. Try our Estate Darjeeling. Whether you select loose leaf or our exclusive silken pyramid infuser, the bright aroma and subtle flavors will make this your favorite tea.