How to choose the Perfect Breakfast Tea


Choosing the Perfect Breakfast Tea for Any Occasion

Pairing Tea with Breakfast Foods for a Calming Morning Meal

Since breakfast is the first meal you enjoy upon waking, it should be a relaxing experience that helps you transition into the rest of the day. The right breakfast tea lets you ease into the morning with its calming effects and rich flavor.

What is Breakfast Tea?

Tea dubbed as “breakfast” blends are made from a combination of several types of black tea, blended to offer a bold morning wake-up. Though there are no particular guidelines as to which teas are used in what amounts, different areas have their own signature blends.

English teas are predominantly Chinese black tea but may also contain Assam or Ceylon teas. Irish breakfast is a mix of Assam, Ceylon and Kenyan teas while Scottish is often blended from Assam, Keemun and Orange Pekoe. Each has its own unique and distinct character depending on the blend.

Choosing Tea for Breakfast

To choose a breakfast tea, think about the flavor that would go best with your meal. If you want a rich, full-bodied taste with honey overtones, choose an English blend. Irish teas are a bit sweeter and smoother with a hint of malt. For a truly robust tea experience, go for a Scottish breakfast variety. These can be the strongest breakfast blends with the greatest overtones of malt.

Black tea contains about half the caffeine of coffee, so if you’re trying to avoid caffeinated beverages, choose decaffeinated options. Tea Forté’s Decaf Breakfast has had the caffeine removed with a natural carbon dioxide process to retain the most flavor and greatest health benefits

Steeping Tea for Health *

To make the perfect cup of black tea, place one teaspoon of loose tea per cup into a tea ball or infuser and pour boiling water over the top. Let it steep for three to five minutes depending on how strong you like your tea.. Follow these same guidelines for tea bags.

Enjoying a cup of breakfast tea not only brings a bright start to your day but also may impart many health benefits. Black tea is rich in a range of flavonoids, plant-based phytonutrients that may protect your body from oxidative damage. Studies have shown that a higher intake of flavonoids from tea and other plant foods may protect against degenerative conditions such as heart disease and cancer.

Black tea also contains vitamins and minerals, including potassium, which is important for cellular health and fluid levels. and needs to be kept in balance with sodium. Since most people take in too much sodium, tea may help modulate the ratio. You’ll also get a dose of the B vitamin folate, an essential nutrient for DNA and tissue health.

Tea Forté’s English Breakfast provides a delicious flavor and a wealth of health benefits to jump start your day. Enjoy it by the cup or share a pot for an enjoyable meal every morning. It’s a perfect tea choice any time of day when you are looking for a bold, robust tea.

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